Lesson Descriptions

Lesson Format

EACH lesson is a 2-hour private or semi-private class.  It includes these three components:

  • Learn: an informative activity about soil, water, plants, animals, and more!
  • Imagine: a guided brainstorm about how you can adapt to the desert and help your desert landscape adapt to you
  • Do: a small hands-on project to make a big difference

A SERIES of lessons allows you to make progress on your goals and gain a variety of perspectives on the landscape at your feet.  A series includes 4 lessons.

Topic Choices (Pick 4 for a series)*

Soil: Dig up soil samples, critique different parts of your yard for planting purposes, then prepare soil for planting or set up an experiment to seek more answers.

Water: Find out how far 1 gallon of water can go, play with ways for water to stretch farther, then create a water-saving strategy or game.

Seasons: Contrast Tucson’s calendar with the standard 4 seasons, draw ideas for embracing our weather, then plant something seasonal.

Survival: Picture how desert plants and animals survive, pretend you are a wildflower or lizard, then set up a sun protection station for you or the lizards.

Bugs: Sort out categories of insects and spiders, take time to watch and listen, then pick a project to encourage or discourage certain bugs.

Bigger Critters: Build a desert food chain, weigh the pros and cons of wildlife in your yard, then plant something for birds or butterflies.

* Projects can vary based on student interest and needs.

Lesson Types

Family / Caregiver Series: Your children are welcome in the lessons, and breaks and materials are built in to meet their needs. I’ll intersperse children’s literature and songs with adult-level discussions, and everyone can get their hands dirty together.

Desert Dweller Series: Your existing plants and wildlife will guide the lessons. I’ll sing a song or two, plus I’ll spend lots of time listening to your questions. We’ll relate the realities of the desert to other regions you know.